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Portable Lectern

This is Australia's lightest, portable, stainless steel and clear plastic lectern.

This makes it easier and suitable for speakers and preachers who need to move it on and off a stage or from place to place. Whenever you need to speak from lecterns in Australia, you can easily take it with you.

It has a single arched stem. This means that the people watching you can see you more clearly. This helps them concentrate better on you and what you are saying, rather than if you were standing on stage, hidden behind something large and domineering.

The stem and base are made from 304 grade, high quality stainless steel. It has a beautiful brushed finish and does not have any paint, which could scratch off. Being both a stylish and portable lectern means that it will work well and look good whatever the setting.

It has a scratch resistant, clear plastic top. Being 55cm wide means that it has more than enough space for a bible and/or speaking notes.

This is our lightest model. It can easily be lifted with one hand by an adult.

Snappytalks portable lectern is made in Australia. Every part of it is made using high-end technology and expert engineers who use laser cutting and other computer controlled machinery to manufacture the parts. It is great to know that when you buy a Snappytalk portable lectern, you are supporting local industrial jobs.

This portable lectern is easy to put together. You simply screw the top and square base onto the stem. The stems are made using specialized machinery that we have developed ourselves for this reason. This means that the stem durable and strong. Our designer has used careful geometry to ensure that this portable lectern can hold up to 8kg (that is the weight of 17 x iPad air tablets or 4 x Macbook Pro laptops) and not topple over.

Our Snappytalk world is full of lecturers and speakers who frequently use our rostrums, and we appreciate their feedback. They are people who require the use of lecterns often, and we value and take on board their comments and suggestions. This helps us to develop and improve our lecterns.

Portable Lectern Portable Lectern Portable Lectern Portable Lectern

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